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I am Druanna Wails a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Channeler with thirty years of experience as a reader. With these natural intuitive abilities I use Oracles such as the Tarot cards, Numerology, and Astrology to help me zero into you situation. 


 I am also Certified in the Arts of Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy ( QHHT) Past Life Regression, and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). 

 I was blessed with the gift of being able to connect with the outside world, and love having the opportunity to connect my clients with their own universal current. My focus is to bring forth awareness and healing through love, and to teach others how to open up their own spiritual potential.

I can assist you in any situation such as career, money, relationships, finance, making better decisions, helping you to find your life purpose, anything that will help you become a better version of yourself. 

As a Quantum Healer in the arts of Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy and Beyond Quantum Healing, I act as a Facilitator assist my clients to connect with their Higher Consciousness, Super Consciousness, their guides, Ascended Masters to guide them on their life´s journeys through their Past or Future lives, Life on other Planets, Parallel realities other dimensions assisted by their guides such as their Ancestors, Ets, Loved ones who passed on, Ascended Masters, gods, goddesses, Angels, etc.

This is also includes Energy Healing by these entities who who can assist you. 


If you would like to learn more about Quantum Healing or Psychic Readings please go here   

Please listen to ¨New Earth Is Here¨ where I explain what QHHT and BQH is and how you can benefit from these healing modalities. 


Your really good! Everything you said was spot on!!!

Victoria L.

Lessly´s BQH session Facilitated by Druanna

Druanna´s QHHT session Facilitated by Tina

My daughter Autumn Channels a Star being Oddren About the Coming Shifts Changes to our Planet


"The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it"

Marcus Aurelius


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